Sportsmanship Highlight of Harvest Victory

Last week, Foundation Academy hosted a football game against Harvest Community School from Jacksonville, Fl. The 62-13 win featured both excellent plays and attitudes.

In an open letter sent after the game, a parent of the opposing team had this to say about FA: “You should ALL be proud of your young men, and how they played tonight. In a game where arrogance and pride could have easily slipped in, your men kept their honor and dignity and showed their discipline and hard work. It always hurts to lose, but it is gratifying to see young men win with class. Thank you for hosting Harvest this evening and God Bless the rest of your season.”

Jaquane Patterson rushed for 190 yards and two touchdowns. Gabe Walker also rushed for 146 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Lions to a victory on senior night. Konrie Brown had a rushing touchdown and a receiving touchdown. Lester Axson had also had a five-yard touchdown run and 25-yard interception return for a touchdown. Lance Axson also would have an interception return for a touchdown. Anthony Recchia had 35 yards on two carries, along with four tackles. Elijah Stimmell was 3-6 passing with one touchdown pass. Jordan Richards, Jaquane Patterson, and Lui Rivera led the Lions in tackles.

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