Students Compete in Classroom Photo Challenge

Students in the new Digital Photography elective, recently completed a project called the “Landscape and Nature Photography Challenge.” As part of an assignment on landscape photography, the students had an opportunity to not only learn about landscape and nature photography, but to compete in a friendly challenge. The students were able to take photographs on campus based on the assignment objectives. Their best images would be judged by an impartial jury. As an incentive, the students also competed against their teacher, Mr. Dusenbery, whose own photograph was blindly judged among the others.

“As I explained in class, we don’t exactly have Yosemite or Yellowstone National Park to photograph, so the students should also look for shapes, patterns and textures of nature to photograph,” Mr. Dusenbery said. “They did a great job.”The winning photograph was made by Morgan Hassell who will receive one dozen homemade cookies as a prize. Judges included Dr. Wenzel, Ms.Uhlman, Ms. Bell-Martin, Mr. Cioffi and photography classmate peers.

Dr. Wenzel judging
morgans print
morgan broken wood