Walking Tacos – A Senior Surpise!

What do you get when you open a snack-size bag of Fritos and add chili, cheese, salsa, and sour cream? A delicious “Walking Taco” you can eat on the move! And every senior on campus was treated to these portable snacks yesterday, December 1st, by our amazing senior moms. One of the moms, Denise Mead-Hall said, “It’s such a joy–we feel like kindergarten parents again!”

You could definitely feel the sense of joy and excitement when the students saw their tasty surprises. Senior Madison Morris said, “It’s fun to be surprised by the parents and see how much work they put in for us to have a good senior year.” And when asked about his favorite part of yesterday’s Senior Surprise, Dillon Hall laughed and said, “I like the food!” A sentiment definitely shared by his classmates.

Thank you to all our senior moms who made yesterday’s surprise so much fun. As a school, we strive to partner with parents in showing each and every student how much they are loved and valued. Yesterday, we showed them via “Walking Tacos”–who knows what the next surprise will be???

Foundation Academy