Tilden Campus

7th–12th Grade

Our Tilden campus boasts more than 65+ acres of wide-open, rural land and serves as our Winter Garden high school and middle school campus. Located within 2.5 miles of Routes 50, 429 and 535, Tilden makes travel from Downtown Orlando or any of the major parks easy and convenient. 

The Highlights

Foundation Academy’s Tilden Campus is located in a beautiful rural setting and offers a diverse academic program, athletic and fine arts opportunities, extracurricular activities, chapel services, and more. It features three major buildings: The Campus Life Center, The Technology Annex and the expansive Leiferman Gymnasium, as well as four minor buildings for select disciplines such as drama, band and choir.

  • Tilden offers 29 athletic teams and is a part of the FHSAA in the 2A classification, which includes football, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse and many more.
  • Tilden has a rich extracurricular life called ‘FA After 3’. It includes such clubs and organizations as Christians in Service, FATV, Debate and National Honor Society.
  • Tilden has 23+ AP and dual enrollment courses available.

Our Tilden Faculty & Staff

Foundation Academy is blessed with a talented and devoted team of teachers and leaders at our Tilden campus. Browse our current faculty and staff at this location:

Headshot of Deborah Adams - Upper School - Sign Language Instructor

Deborah Adams

Upper School Instructor, Sign Language

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Headshot of Lisa Amat - Upper School - Science Instructor

Lisa Amat

Upper School Instructor, Science

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Headshot of Brad Bales - Upper School - Math Instructor

Brad Bales

Upper School Instructor, Math

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Headshot of Brian Barnard - Upper School - Mathematics Instructor

Brian Barnard

Upper School Instructor / Mathematics

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Headshot of Janelle Bell-Martin - Upper School - Arts Instructor

Janelle Bell-Martin

Upper School Instructor / Arts

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Headshot of Sara Bosque - Upper School - Science Instructor

Sara Bosque

Upper School Instructor / Science

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Headshot of Mike Brown - Upper School - History Instructor

Mike Brown

Upper School Instructor / History

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Headshot of Jim Campbell - Upper School - Sciences Instructor

Jim Campbell

Upper School Instructor / Sciences

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Headshot of Patti Cogburn - Upper School - Language Arts Instructor

Patti Cogburn

Upper School Instructor / Language Arts

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Headshot of Madelyn Mueller - Upper School - Mathematics Instructor

Madelynn Mueller

Upper School Instructor / Mathematics

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Headshot of Darrell Davis - Upper School Instructor

Darrell Davis

Upper School Instructor

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Headshot of Lindsay East - Upper School - Language Arts & Foreign Language Instructor

Lindsay East

Upper School Instructor / Language Arts & Foreign Language

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Headshot of Krystal Thomas-Smith - Upper School - Physical Education Instructor

Krystal Thomas-Smith

Upper School Instructor / Physical Education

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Patsy Ford

Upper School Instructor / Mathematics

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Headshot of Maria Penula - Upper School - Spanish Instructor

Maria Penula

Upper School Instructor / Spanish

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Headshot of James Grosshans - Upper School - Language Arts Instructor

James Grosshans

Upper School Instructor / Language Arts

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Headshot of Courtney Haberman - Upper School - Science & Robotics Instructor

Courtney Haberman

Upper School Instructor / Sciences & Robotics

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Headshot of Kirk Hensley - Upper School - Music Instructor

Kirk Hensley

Upper School Instructor / Music

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Headshot of Nathaniel Hughes - Upper School - History Instructor

Nathaniel Hughes

Upper School Instructor / History

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Headshot of Melinda Leiferman - Upper School - Mathematics Instructor

Melinda Leiferman

Upper School Instructor / Mathematics

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Headshot of Meredith Leiferman - Upper School - Bible Instructor

Meredith Leiferman

Upper School Instructor / Bible

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Shirley McLaughlin

Upper School Instructor / Mathematics

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Headshot of Dawn Nash - Upper School - Language Arts Instructor

Dawn Nash

Upper School Instructor / Language Arts

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Laurylyn Smith

Upper School Instructor / Choir & Drama

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Linda Schefstad

Upper School Instructor / Bible

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Lee Anne Smith

Upper School Instructor / Social Studies

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Jessica Sullivan

Upper School Instructor / Science

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Adriana Uhlman

Upper School Instructor / Arts

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Headshot of Andre Walker - Upper School - Physical Education Instructor

Andre Walker

Head Varsity Football Coach / Upper School Instructor / Physical Education

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Headshot of Christie Thompson - Upper School - Physical Education Instructor

Christie Thompson

Upper School Instructor / Physical Education

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Keith Yarborough

Upper School Instructor / Bible

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Deborah Wasylik

Upper School Instructor / Science

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Mary Margaret West

Upper School Instructor / Bible

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Headshot of Sarah Reynolds - Upper School - Principal

Sarah Reynolds

Upper School/Principal

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Headshot of Robert East - Upper School - Assistant Principal

Robert East

Director of Operations

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Hear It from Our TILDEN Students

“Foundation Academy has been a great school for me. I love being able to grow my relationship with Christ in a small loving Christian environment. ”

Austin Hipskind, Class of 2020

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Need to get to more than one of our Foundation Academy campuses? All three of our locations benefit from easily accessible entrances without heavy congestion or major inconveniences and can all be reached from one another in about 10 minutes. For families with children attending multiple Foundation Academy campuses, our close proximity to each other makes dropoff/pickup highly efficient for everyone. 

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