Elementary School

Academics & Honors Program

All curriculum is carefully chosen for each subject with the highest academic goals in mind. A variety of publishers, both Christian and secular, are used. All subjects are taught from a Biblical worldview. Educational projects and field trips are offered at each grade level that enhances curriculum content.

An Honors Program is available to eligible 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade students. Standardized test scores, reading levels, and teacher recommendations are used as qualifiers. The Honors Program uses integrative technology and advanced critical thinking tools. An extra tuition fee is required for this program. An Honors Track for Math is incorporated into the existing 5th and 6th-grade academic programs for students who show outstanding achievement in this subject.

Enrichment Classes & More

Art, Computer/Media and Music classes are integrated through all grade levels and Physical Education is for grades PK4-6th. Spanish is taught in PK3-2nd.

Chapel & Worship

Chapel is held weekly in the beautiful church sanctuary. An exciting time of praise and worship is followed by an engaging message centered on thematic lessons from the Bible with practical life application.

Our Chapel Leader is Ally Hettrick, Director of Children’s Ministry at First Baptist Winter Garden, “I would say my favorite thing about leading in Chapel is being able to teach and have fellowship with all ages, and just the excitement that happens in Chapel with worship and games and being able to feel connected to the kids at our school”

Life at Foundation Academy

At Foundation Academy we have methodically built a culture that takes into consideration growth and development from childhood to young adulthood. Our goal is to provide a broad, dynamic range of experiences that are a testament to who they are as individuals and how their gifts, talents, and passions fit into God’s perfect will for their lives.

Life at our Plant Street Campus lies in the beautiful setting of the historic downtown Winter Garden. The tree-lined brick streets, mom & pop stores, and intimacy of the community make it the ideal setting for early childhood development.

Other Elementary Highlights

Foundation Academy has a deep belief in students having the opportunity to develop their passions and skills after school. We refer to it as “FA After3”. Our primary objective is to utilize their God-given interests and abilities and embrace them by showing them the attention and focus they deserve. We have placed qualified driven instructors and coaches to guide them in their daily growth.

Lions Pride Development Athletic Program

Our Elementary Sports Program is a concentration of team sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Flag Football. The program is designed with the intent to teach the fundamentals of each sport and help each young athlete identify where their passions and skills lie that they may begin to choose a path that suits both. The sports are seasonal and are complimented with both workouts and games.

The program is headed up by former Varsity coach Jeff Michaels.

Strength & Agility

The Young Lions Strength and Agility is designed to provide students with the opportunity to build a solid athletic base. It is also designed to help students begin to develop the fundamentals necessary to engage a focused physical fitness plan. Young Lion athletes will use their own body weight for training and building their muscles as well as begin the process of learning how to move their bodies in space. This is achieved through focused drills and exercises that will teach them gradually.

Coach Brad Haywood heads up Strength & Agility and individual development.

After School Programs

Our Plant St. Campus offers a variety of after school clubs, organizations, and activities that we call “FA After 3”. This includes such offerings as National Elementary Honor Society, Junior Robotics, Drama, Chess Club, Violin, Strength and Agility Training, Volleyball Training, Guitar, Piano, Hip Hop – Jazz Dance, Ballet.

Register for Clubs and Field Trips

Parents, you are invited to register your children for the upcoming clubs, activities and field trips.

Hear It from Our Elementary school students

“What I love most about my school is I am able to be myself every day and feel like I am a part of something that feels like family.”

Addison White, 6th Grade

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