The Foundation Academy Band Program uses instruments to teach music and creativity. Students build camaraderie and discipline by learning to play music in an ensemble setting. They have great opportunities to build leadership skills within any of our instrumental music settings.

Lower School (K-6)

The Foundation Academy Beginner Band teaches students the fundamentals and joys of playing wind and percussion instruments. Students learn about music, they learn how to be sensitive to what they are hearing, they learn to self assess, and they learn to celebrate small victories of their own and of classmates.

Upper School (7-12)

The Foundation Academy Band Program uses instruments to teach music and Many elements of the High school band are the same as the Middle school band, however, students are able to take on more responsibility and leadership both musically and within the band organization at FA. Through ensemble performances at our Winter and Spring concerts and Solo performance opportunities like the S&E, students are continually encouraged to pursue excellence on their instrument and in music in general.

Band Faculty

Headshot of Kirk Hensley - Upper School - Music Instructor

Kirk Hensley

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Student Testimonials

“The band is a great way for students to truly indulge in the musical world. With the program growing every year, the band continues to make strides that excite and show the beauty and power of music.”

Alex Uhlman, Band Student, Class of 2023

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