Lower School Music

Our degreed music specialists are passionate about engaging students while teaching them a comprehensive understanding of music. FA students learn how to read music, which is accomplished in creative ways that include singing, music theory, rhythms, choir, and musical productions. Elective singing classes are available to our older students offering even more in-depth experience with singing, percussion, performance, etc. Students also learn how to apply music reading skills to “pre-band” instruments in earlier grades.

Upper School Choir

Middle & High School Choirs are designed to teach and improve students’ vocal and performance skills. Application to those skills is challenged daily in both ensemble and individual vocal performance. This is accomplished by teaching vocal technique, mechanics, and anatomy of the voice.  Ear training is also an essential part of the student’s training. Aural interval recognition is integrated with visual recognition of music notation. It is our goal for all students to become musically literate.

Praise Band

Praise Band for upper school students is designed to teach students the meaning of worship and the role music plays in a worship service. Praise Band teaches each student about their leadership responsibilities on and off the platform. It is also designed to teach and improve students’ vocal, instrumental, and technical support skills. The application of those skills will be challenged daily in rehearsal and weekly in chapel services. The praise band is a combined effort of leadership between Kirk Hensley and Jarian Felton.


ACSI Choral Competition – Superior and Excellent ratings each year by the 5th grade, middle and high school choir students
Performed in WKMG’s Sounds of the Season Holiday Programming – December 2016
Participated in Florida Hospital Winter Garden’s National Day of Prayer Celebration — Multiple Years
Multiple middle and high school students accepted to the prestigious Carnegie Honors Performance Choir
Performed at Light Up Winter Garden and Light Up Windermere – Multiple Years
Invited to the Wal-Mart Manufacturer’s Summit, Fall 2013, to sing the National Anthem
Orlando Magic NBA Game National Anthem Performance – December 2013
Performed at Disney’s Press Release of Chimpanzee – Spring 2012





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