Shirley McLaughlin is from Tampa, Florida. She is a graduate of Clearwater Christian College with a B.S. in Mathematics. Shirley teaches Algebra II (Regular and Honors) and SAT Prep at our Tilden Campus. She is also a part of the Blessings Team. She loves to swim, read, teach, and watch her son, Dawson, play football and basketball. Shirley’s favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:31. Her hero is her dad for giving her a love for math, setting a good example, and being a faithful Christian.

“All students can learn to do math if they work at it. My goal is to get students to see that they can become better math students by practicing math. Homework is practice and I am the queen of homework. When students really work at their homework, they surprise themselves by how well they start to perform. I love to see the “light” come on when students understand a concept.”