Blessed by Giving

Blessed by Giving

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Financial Chores

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Financial Chore #1:

Know the Retirement Plan contribution limits.


Financial Chore #2:

Consider your withholding amounts.

  • What your expected income for the year will be
  • What amount of tax will you owe

Financial Chore #3:

Evaluate your investment strategy.

  • Where are you at
  • What are you trying to accomplish
  • What has the economy given us
  • What has the world given us
  • Are you closer to your goals
  • Do you need the money sooner

Calendar and Checkbook

Treasures Today

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Practical Tips:

Important Information

How Much is Enough?

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Measure Twice

As such, we tend to go a few different ways.

So what should I do?

Practical tips and questions

Enough Checklist

Giving strategies to consider if there is excess

Treasures in heaven and abundant life

Important information

“Hey honey, could you go and unscrew that?” Brooke said from the kitchen, pointing in my general direction as I came out of our bedroom. I stopped momentarily and tried to think about what she was asking me to do. Had we just had a conversation, and I completely blanked? Had I forgotten to do something I said I would do (something I do too many times)? So, at the risk of getting the dinner she was preparing thrown at me, I asked, “unscrew what?” In a flustered tone, she repeated, “Go unscrew that,” and motioned behind me. Still rather confused, I asked one more time, “Would you describe exactly what you want me to unscrew?” She laughed and said, “The hose outside on the trampoline.” At that moment, I remembered we had spoken about that earlier, but in that moment it had completely escaped me. We have something like this come up more often than we probably should, and Brooke is a good sport for letting me share that story.


Did you know that the Bible talks about money/possessions twice as many times as faith and prayer combined? Thankfully, God is very clear in his instructions to us, especially regarding money.

While that is over 2,300 verses, here are a few that come to mind that provides great clarity on what the Christians’ perspective should be when it comes to money:

  • Luke 9:23: Then he said to them all, “If anyone wants to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.”
    • Christ calls us to deny ourselves and follow Him
  • Matthew 6: 21: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
    • Christ challenges what our hearts long for
  • Jesus tells several stories about how money/possessions are handled:
    • Zacchaeus gives half his possessions to the poor after meeting Jesus – Luke 19:1-10
    • The rich young ruler walked away from Jesus after Jesus asked him to give all he had to the poor – Mark 10:17-27
    • The widow who gave her two coins is praised by Jesus – Mark 12: 41-44
    • The parable of talents about being a good steward with what has been given from God – Matthew 25:14-30

God cares deeply about how we handle money because it is an outworking of what we truly believe. I’m not trying to tell you to sell everything and give to the poor; I don’t think God wants that for everyone. For some, he might, but not everyone. Rather, evaluate your relationship with money in light of the faith you claim to believe.

  • If you look at your expenses the past several months ( is a source to be able to easily track and manage this), where would you say your treasure lies?
  • Decide to put money towards treasures in heaven
  • Pray to God for help and forgiveness